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We wanted to expand our upstairs bathroom from a half bath and add a stand-up shower. After our online search we decided to reach out to a few contractors to receive an estimate of what we wanted. Out of all the contractors that gave us an estimate we felt most comfortable with the guys at Akxum Property Services. They were truly knowledgeable about the process and did a great job of explaining things to us. They also gave me a 3D rendering of what the bathroom would look like once it was completed. It was amazing to look back at the picture and compare the finish product and see how exact it was. They did a great job and I have used them for other projects we needed completed at our home since. They are the best!


Home Owner

Very satisfied!

After being a master stylist for over 15 years I decided to go into business for myself. I found a location that was formerly a drycleaner and envisioned how I would make the space the launching pad for my new endeavors as an entrepreneur. While meeting with the estimator for Akxum Property Services I realized I had a million dollars’ worth of ideas with a startup budget. They were so helpful in finding a happy medium between the two. I was given a few options on what would be possible for my budget. They assisted me with a design that fit my budget and my style. I was prepared for the headaches that I assumed came along with this type of project but to my pleasant surprise it was not a headache at all. They were very upfront and communicated with me throughout the entire project. I was so excited and grateful I picked Akxum Property Services as my contractor because the end results were spectacular. All of my existing clients as well as all of the new clients we earned, gave us tons of compliments on the aesthetics of the salon. All I can say is Thank You Akxum! I would definitely recommend Akxum Property Services for your next project.


Small Business Owner

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